The Importance Of Cooking And Eating At Home

[youtube:kCzxLG0QbqI;[link:Sweet and Sour Sauce];] Cooking at home is becoming more and more popular nowadays as most of us try to make healthier food choices to improve our health and well-being. Home cooking has numerous advantages to you and your family. For starters, it is substantially less expensive than purchasing packaged and prepared foods. In fact, experts say that bring home-cooked lunches and snacks to school or work can save you a hundred bucks each month.

Most packed and prepared food items are laden with salt and saturated fat, hence, cooking them on your own permits you more freedom as to the quantity and kind of these ingredients in your diet. This also makes it possible for you to make balanced meals for the entire family, to ensure that they get the fruits and vegetables they need to stay healthy. Furthermore, cooking meals and eating at home is an excellent way to see how everyone else in the family is doing and to get closer to each other. Numerous studies have shown that children who eat with their folks tend to be happier, healthier, and perform better in schools. Also, teaching your kids how to cook will greatly help them later on in life.

Contrary to conventional belief, cooking at home can actually save you time. You will spend less time cooking dishes than having to drive downtown to a restaurant, order, wait or dine in, and drive back home.

There are a number of quick and easy recipes which you could try at home, stir fried shrimps tossed in sweet and sour mustard sauce, for instance. This recipe is pretty straightforward and can be done by someone with little or no experience in 30 minutes or so. Sweet and sour Cantonese sauce is very versatile since it could be used in other dishes like meatballs, prawns, battered chicken, or even as a dipping sauce.

Fruit salads are also quick and easy dishes to prepare. To make healthier fruit salads, replace calorie-laden creams with vanilla-flavored low-fat yogurt sweetened by honey. To add more dimension to your yogurt dressing, you can put in grated ginger and lime rind as well. Fruit salads can be served sweet as dessert or as an appetizer by replacing the cream-based dressing with vinaigrette.

You can also try out carrot cake recipes for quick, easy, and healthy snacks which you can eat at home or take to school or work. Recipes for carrot cake usually require butter, but these can be made healthier by replacing every cup of butter with 2/3 cup of vegetable oil. The fantastic thing about making carrot cakes is that you just have to whisk together the wet ingredients and add to the dry ingredients. It is so simple and fast, even your grade-schooler can bake them.

Home cooking has numerous advantages to you and your family. Go here for easy recipes, like carrot cake, fruit Salad and veggies, and stir fried shrimps tossed in sweet and sour mustard sauce.

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