Recipe for Guacamole

Yet another recipe for guacamole. This is a extremely quick and rapid recipe. You can essentially consume loads of guacamole with out worrying for the reason that it’s very wholesome. Avocado as one of its principal ingredients has high levels of good cholesterol, vitamin E and other antioxidants required by our bodies. This quick guacamole recipe can be fantastic for margarita and tequila parties. It is a no sweat recipe and can be accomplished in 15 minutes. Adhere to the few quick steps down below.

Guacamole Ingredients:

3 large ripe avocados, 2 teaspoons lime juice (10 ml), 1 1/2 teaspoons salt (12.5 g), 1/8 teaspoon pepper (0.63 g), 2 plum tomatoes, 1 medium onion, 1 jalapeno


Prep Time: 15 mins, Serves: 6

Wash and peel avocados, discard the peelings and seeds. Put the remaining flesh in a medium-sized bowl.

Add lime juice, pepper and salt into the avocado and mashed them together with a fork or potato masher till smooth.

Wash hands thoroughly prior to slicing any spices. Slice tomatoes into half, squeeze every half gently, and eliminate the seeds and excess juice then dice into very fine pieces.

Cut the jalapeo in half lengthwise and remove seeds and membrane. Slice lengthwise into lengthy thin strips, then bunch the strips together and cut crosswise into incredibly finely diced pieces.

Dice the onion and along with tomatoes and jalapeo, mix them into the avocado mixture. Add additional salt till desired taste is met.

STORING: Place in a serving dish and cover with plastic wrap, be sure the wrapper is pressed directly on top of the guacamole (eliminating air exposure); Refrigerate till ready to serve.

Serve cold and enjoy!

Serving extra ideas

Add a tablespoon of fresh chopped cilantro then serve with tortilla chips.

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