Making Potato Pancakes, a Healthy Choice!

Potato pancakes are usually shallow-fried pancakes made up of crushed, grated or shredded potatoes, flour, and egg. They are oftentimes drizzled with salt, and even boosted with nicely sliced onion and/or garlic. Compared to all other pancakes made merely of flour, eggs and butter, potato pancakes are undeniably a much healthier pancake variety. Having these may offer anyone good amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese as well as fiber from potatoes by themselves. If you wish, you could turn the fundamental potato pancake recipe into an absolutely much healthier recipe by switching ingredients. You could try the fiber-rich whole wheat flour in place of the plain white flour. You can as well include eggs and more of your favored nutritious ingredients like celery, garlic, onions, sweet corn and a lot more. You could also bake them instead of frying if you wish to get rid of the oil.

Potato pancakes are a traditional meal amongst several countries in Europe, such as Switzerland, Poland and Germany. They are also related with conventional dishes of Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and Luxembourg. Potato pancakes are labeled with various names. They are known as “Rosti” in Swiss cuisine while “latkes” for Jewish.

Potato pancakes is often enjoyed both as a main dish or maybe a side dish. Either way, they can fill you up! Potato pancakes may be eaten along with a range of toppings, this includes the tasty condiments: sour cream and cottage cheese, as well as the sweet ones: apple sauce, lingonberry jam, cranberry sauce, or even with sugar. They even taste awesome although in plain!

How to Make the Traditional Potato Pancakes


1 cup Water, 3/4 cup, Dairy Free Cooking Cream or Non Dairy Milk, 1 pinch of Salt, 1 cup Plain Flour, two tsp Baking Powder, 1/4 cup melted Dairy Free Margarine or plain cooking oil, 1 cup Mashed potatoes (making use of day old leftover mashed potatoes works great),


Inside a huge bowl, merge all the ingredients together. While you’re blending, add up wet ingredients. Remember to incorporate the melted margarine once it has cooled off. Keep on stirring while incorporating the ingredients to prevent formation of lumps in the batter. Add mashed potatoes. Let the batter rest for 5-10 minutes. Spread a large skillet with oil, and then heat. Cook potato pancakes by batches over medium heat. Fry pancakes until their top surface has set, lift and cook the other side till light brown. Remember to maintain the stove/fire on medium heat. Serve potato pancakes with lingonberry jam.

The author is an expert cook. She loves pancakes and potatoes at the same time, and has a site dedicated to potato pancakes as well as its recipe. Check out Potato Pancakes: The Healthy Choice and find out how to make healthy potato pancakes or visit this blog for additional facts, tips and videos.

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