Top 10 Low Carb Breakfast Foods

It’s always difficult in the mornings trying to decide what to eat while also trying to decide what clothes to wear. Often, you would find yourself multi-tasking, downing a cup of coffee while going about your other morning rituals. Being on a low-carb diet would make mornings even more inconvenient. Toast is out of the question as are bagels. We would like to ease your burdens a bit, that is why we give you the best low carb breakfast foods to start your day. We hope to be of assistance to you.

1. Cereals low in carbohydrates. Aside from stores, you can also buy these online. Preparation is not complicated or tedious; just add coconut milk and you’re all set!

2. Low carb pancakes You can make batches of these in advance and keep them in the fridge, to be taken out when you want to eat them. Reheating can be done using a simple frying pan or the microwave.

3. Three egg scramble. This is a good source of protein and a good source of energy. Just crack three eggs, whisk them, and scramble them in a pan – fast and easy! Feeling more adventurous? Add some onions and chives to taste.

4. Boiled eggs. To shake things up a bit, you can add a variety of spices and condiments to add some flavor to your boiled eggs. You can also try hot sauce or soy sauce. The beauty of this food is how they can be boiled by bulk then stored in the fridge until the time comes that you want to eat them. If you want your breakfast on-the-go, just drop them in a ziplock back.

5. Low carb muffins. Low carb muffins are ideal for takeaway breakfasts. The downside to these is that it requires a bit more time to cook than the other breakfast options. But, you can make 12 muffins in a pan in one go, which lasts you almost a week!

6. Protein shakes. It is quite sad how many people on a low carb diet tend to overlook these protein shakes. They can be a great source of protein in your diet.

7. Egg bake. Cracking an egg and putting it into the oven is no rocket science. The main issue you have to think about for this dish is how to flavor the dish. You can opt to cook the egg using a muffin or cupcake pan. Wrap a layer of bacon inside the muffin cup before cracking the egg into it. Sprinkle some cheese onto the top and bake. The bacon will hold the egg in place as it bakes and you will the end up with a delicious bacon cheese egg bake. 8. Poached egg. Poached eggs require a lot of practice since preparing them can be quite tricky. 9. Fried egg over spinach. You can cook the spinach in advance. You may choose to add some salt and garlic when cooking it beforehand. If the spinach has gone cold after a while, you can reheat it while frying the egg. Put the egg on top of the spinach and you will have a very healthy and hearty breakfast. 10. Hot cereal. If you want something hot and gooey for breakfast, then a hot cereal is your thing! Coconut milk can be used to mix almond meal and some flax meal. Add some cinnamon and a few dried fruit. Stir continuously until you get the desired consistency. You can add more water if you find it too dry.

I hope your low carb diet is aided by the suggested recipes above. There are so many more options that weren’t mentioned in the list. Look in cookbooks and on online food blogs for more inspirations!

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