Simple Guacamole Recipe

This straightforward recipe for a nutritious guacamole will liven up any burrito and also tends to make a zesty appetizer. This recipe specifically serves a party of 8-10. Its preparation time is about 15 minutes along with the total time for preparing it is actually about 20 minutes

Guacamole Ingredients

*2 ripe avocados *1 medium tomato, roughly diced (about 3/4 cup) *1/3 cup purple or red onion, finely diced *1 lime juice *Salt to taste


1. Slice the avocados in half, remove the pit (reserve it if you will be storing guacamole before consuming), and scoop out the flesh into a medium bowl.

2. Add diced tomato, onion and lime juice. Use a spoon or two forks to mash the avocado and mix ingredients with each other. Mix till the avocado is broken up into tiny chunks and everything is evenly mixed. Season to taste with salt.

3. Serve promptly or nestle avocado pit in to the guacamole and cover surface completely with plastic wrap (to prevent browning) and keep in refrigerator for as much as 3 hours.

4. Or you’ll be able to serve quickly with tortilla chips or pita chips

How Spicy Is This Guacamole Recipes?

A point to note is that this guacamole recipe contains no chile peppers, so it’s even appropriate for small kids. This also might enhance the child’s well being a little for the reason that avocado is fat free. Another thing is that it’s effortless tangy, fresh and simple to prepare. You may add one or more tablespoon of jalapeno to provide just a little flavor to the guacamole.

That’s all there’s to it. It is a really easy recipe and it’s quite simple to whip up at a moment’s notice. Who does not appreciate a dish which is simple to make, is delightful and is healthy too? It does not need to be served alone as an appetizer or snack either (although that is delicious). It makes an incredible additive to sandwiches and is also good on tacos. You’ll be able to use it in whatever you like. The decision is yours. The recipe is not perfect either; really feel free to experiment with flavours till you uncover the balance that you like best.

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