Old fashioned Irish Apple Pie Recipe

One more thing that represents Irish heritage would be the traditional Irish apple pie!. Those said that quotation, “As American as apple pie”, certainly haven’t experienced a slice of Irish apple pie or apple tart as they’d choose to name it.

This can be a delightful basic apple pie that seems like it has been made from Irish kitchens. Discover the warmth of Irish cooking simply by making their apple pie recipe. With its vibrant flavors you’d surely hope to explore their cold damp lands and simply enjoy Irish hospitality along with their great apple pie! This apple pie will surely taste extremely delicious as you have just tasted a bite of Irish heritage, this valuable recipe has been passed down from several years and generations


900 g tart medium apples (peeled and cored), 3 tablespoons brown sugar, 2 cups all purpose flour, 2 whole cloves, cup butter, cup lard (shortening), 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 3 tablespoons milk, two tablespoons cold water, Pinch of salt, Cream or custard (topping),


Set your oven to 400 Fahrenheit. Toss in flour and salt inside a huge mixing container. And then, with your clean hands, cut in butter and lard until the mixture appears like that of breadcrumbs. Pour cold water and massage until eventually you’re able to form a firm dough. Evenly flour a plain surface, probably a wooden kitchen counter. And then, take out of the dough and then use this as the lining of an 8-inch pie plate. Spread out your finely sliced apples, be sure they’re evenly layered. Combine cloves, cinnamon and sugar. Lightly toss to incorporate the ingredients uniformly. Massage the excess dough and then use it to cover up the pie, lightly pressing the sides for you to secure the top. You can form wave-like designs or any themes into the pie’s ends and its surface too. Slice a slit over the pie and slather the top with milk. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until such time the pastry appears golden brown. Take off from oven and then cool for a few minutes. Top with custard or cream just before serving in exclusive plates. Savor this Irish delicacy!

The author loves trying out different versions of apple pies including the Irish apple pie. She has a site that includes the traditional apple pie recipe. Check out this article and start making apple pies in Irish style. Or visit this website for more about Irish-apple pie connection.

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