First Birthday Cake with Delicious Chocolate Frosting

Children of every age love chocolate cakes. If you bake one for the first birthday of your youngster, you will definitely get the reward for being star mom in the form of heaps of hugs and kisses from the kids at the birthday. Here is a simple first birthday cake recipes with delicious chocolate frosting.

Items required for the chocolate cake recipe and frosting:


– Cocoa powder – One cup

– Boiling hot water – Two (2) cups

– Soft and unsalted butter at room temperature – One cup

– Sugar – 2 1/2 cups

– Eggs – Four (4)

– All-purpose flour – 2 3/4 cups

– Bicarbonate of soda – Two and a quarter (2 1/4) teaspoons

– A pinch of salt

– Vanilla extract or essence – 1 1/2 teaspoons


– Semi-sweet chocolate chips – 1 packet

– Half and half cream – 1/2 cup (you can use full cream too, but add some milk to it)

– Unsalted butter at room temperature – Three-quarters of a cup

– Icing sugar – 2 1/2 cups

For decoration:

– Mixed fruit jam – One cup

– Edible silver balls – One packet

– Colored chocolate gems – One (1) packet

Method for the cake:

– Whisk the eggs and sugar in a deep mixer bowl.

– Add the butter and whisk some more to get a fluffy texture.

– Add the vanilla extract and mix well.

– Dissolve the cocoa powder in boiling hot water and let the mix cool.

– Add this mix to the butter-egg mix then beat some more till you get a smooth batter.

– Mix the dry ingredients together in another bowl.

– Then add the dry ingredients to the prepared batter, a spoonful at a time, and beat again to get the cake batter to dropping consistency.

– Grease a 9-inch cake tin and pour the batter in the tin.

– Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 350F for thirty-five to forty minutes.

– Once the baking time is finished, remove from the oven and let the cake cool on a cooling rack.

To prepare the frosting:

– Over a double boiler, melt the butter and chocolate chips.

– Remove from the heat and stir in the cream and icing sugar.

– Whisk to combine well and your chocolate frosting is done.

Assembling the cake:

– Let the cake cool completely before assembling.

– Cut the cake in the middle horizontally.

– Place the lower cake layer on a cake stand.

– Spread a generous amount of frosting over the first cake layer and then cover with the second cake layer.

– Spread the rest of the frosting on the cake and cover all the sides.

– Put the mixed fruit jam in a piping bag and decorate all sides of the cake in any design you like.

– Use the silver balls and chocolate gems to cover the cake on the top and sides.

– Put the prepared cake in the fridge for 2 hours to let everything set before serving.

About the Author:Yves Casson has a rich background in pastry and baking.His personal flair for classical cake recipes is found at Cake Recipe Secrets.Yves latest sensational recipe is this First Birthday Cake Recipes with delicious chocolate frosting.

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