Recipe for Oats Apple Crisp

Hey there apple crisp lovers, this is another apple crisp recipe that’s quick and uncomplicated to create and bake. Best apples for this recipe are Granny smith, but you may get away with some other apples that are suitable for cooking. Another ingredient that could be adjusted to your taste is water. If you want your apple crisp to be a little more moist you could add 1/2 cup of water instead of 1/4 and vice versa – if you wish your apple crisp to be drier (we like it dry), you can get rid of the water totally. And for the final twist for this recipe – you could put some ground pecan nuts or nutmeg into the mix.

How you can Make Apple Crisp

Perhaps you can remember that superb smell that filled the home while you were little right after your mother put that homemade apple crisp in the oven to bake. I always believed that this appetizing delight was a spectacular secret recipe that had been in our family for generations. Certainly, the early settlers must have known ways to make apple crisp. Surprisingly, the very first time this turned up in a cookbook was in 1924. As it turns out, this fall favourite is merely baked apples covered with a cinnamony crispy crust.

Apple Crisp Recipe With no Oatmeal

There aren’t many people that don’t like a huge bowl full of warm apple crisp. There’s something regarding the fall and the aroma of apples and cinnamon wafting through the home as the oven warms the kitchen. The topping of a regular apple crisp has rolled oats as the principal ingredient. For anyone who is creating apple crisp for corporation and you know someone in the group does not care for oatmeal or is allergic to it, save your oats for a batch of oatmeal cookies later and employ this apple crisp recipe with no oatmeal.

Low Fat Apple Crisp Recipe

Not many people can resist the aroma and flavor of apple cinnamon. Whether it comes in the form of a homemade apple pie or an apple crisp, it is a taste combination that’s hard to beat. Apple crisp is a fall favorite and you don’t have to it pass up if you are trying to lose weight or are an avid calorie counter. This low fat apple crisp recipe uses granola for the topping and only a fraction of the flour found in a traditional recipe. This version is not only lower in fat but has fewer calories because it calls for less sugar and requires whole-wheat flour versus regular all-purpose four. As an added plus, you don’t have to be seasoned cook to make this easy recipe.