A Flavorsome Vegan Recipe Made with Green Bananas

This next banana bread recipe is composed solely of vegetarian or vegan ingredients. Most significant is the vegan margarine which might not always be available in every part of the world. If you are unsuccessful in finding this in your local grocer or vegan specialty store, then a good substitute would be plain vegetable oil. Saba bananas are also referred to as cardaba bananas in some parts of the world. It is also called Biu gedang saba, Pisang Nepah, Pisang Kepok, Kluai Hin, Opu-‘ulu, and Dippig. This is a thick and wide sort of banana, approximately 8 – 13 cm long and 2.5 – 5.5 cm in diameter, and is typically found in Asian countries. So if you are from Asia, then you will know exactly what’s required here. It is often a pleasure crafting one’s own food, and with this Vegan Banana Bread Recipe , the product also turns out to be healthy.